“Pain is just weakness leaving the body” – Andrew Moore

Our Story

Northumberland Pro Wrestling is a professional wrestling company dedicated to bringing the best professional wrestling entertainment to Northumberland County. Our mission is to operate a territory in which wrestlers from all over Ontario and the world will want to compete, in order to provide the best matches anywhere for our fans. Northumberland Pro Wrestling will never operate outside the boundaries of Northumberland County, and when we name a champion that wrestler will be the Northumberland Professional Wrestling Champion.

Derek Sharp, who serves as President and head promoter of Northumberland Pro Wrestling, has been around professional wrestling since 2011. He has been a manager, referee, and promoter, and Northumberland Pro is the first new company he is building from scratch. He is a Northumberland resident, whose vision is to build a professional wrestling company that is exclusive to Northumberland.

Lionel Poizner, who serves as Vice-President and associate promoter, has been an industry leader in providing interactive and engaging entertainment in the Toronto area since 2010. He currently operates a full-feature online promotion service that is tailored towards helping our athletes and sponsors attract more recognition, fans, and sales.


Our Mission

The mission of Northumberland Pro Wrestling is to bring the absolute best fan experience in professional wrestling to Northumberland County.  We will strive to achieve all of the following at every event we operate:


  • Every fan in attendance will be treated as a valued customer, from the time they enter the venue until the time they leave, using the Spectator Code of Conduct published in every program as a guideline for mutual respect;
  • Our competition committee will always do their best to book the most evenly matched wrestlers in competition against each other;
  • Our wrestlers will always do their best to win every match, without regard to whether the opponent is friend or enemy;
  • Our officials will officiate every match with the utmost integrity in the effort to ensure a fairly-decided outcome to the match;
  • Our wrestlers will provide the best fan experience possible outside the ring, interacting with every fan who wants a moment of their time;
  • Our staff will listen to fans and what they want, and consider all suggestions and requests with an open mind; and
  • Our sponsors will be carefully selected as those who will provide the best quality of products and services to our customers.